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GOATNECK -  July 28, 2018

Cleburne, Tx


Thank you for riding this year's Goatneck and supporting this great event!

We had photographers along the route and at the Finish Line.

1st Location:  BONO at Mile #6 or Mile#12 on CR1226 & Woodard Ave (CR1121) 

     70 Mile Route:  ETA Mile #6:  @12mph=30min,  @15mph=24min, @17mph=21min, @20mph=18min

     27 & 41 Mile Routes:  ETA Mile #12:   @12mph=1Hour.  @15mph=48min,  @17mph=42min,  @20mph=36min

     (NOTE:  Most of the 27 & 41 Mile riders started arriving in the 08:05 Gallery)

2nd Location: NEMO (outside of Glen Rose) Mile #39.5

     ETA for Mile #39.5:  @12mph=3h:17m,   @ 15mph=2h:30m,  @17mph=2h:19m,  @20mph=1h:58m.


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Need help finding your photo?  There were 1,800 riders this year!   So, a little help might be needed.

      Use your STRAVA or your Average Speed to zero in on your Time Group for each location.

      Or send email with your description:  Gender/ Jersey/ Helmet color/ Bike Brand & Color/ Ride Route/ Avg Speed, if known.

   TIP:  For each Gallery, select the "Show All" button at the bottom and use the ZOOM feature of your web browser to enlarge

      the thumbnails.


CLICK HERE for the GALLERIES.  Don't forget your discount code