| 2017Goatneck


A big THANK YOU to the organizers, sponsors and riders who support The Goatneck!  One of the best rides in Texas!

The photos are ready and separated into Location and Time Groups.

If this is your first time ordering from PedalPix, please READ THIS.  This information may be helpful to you.


If you wore a Goatneck Jersey, click into the photo gallery and type the word "goat" into the search field.

This year we took pictures at what I call "Lower Goatneck" (mile #23 or mile#51)

STRAVA USERS!:  Use your ride info to zero in on your Time Group for each location! 

Strava indicates that the location was at FREELAND, just past County Road 1239.

Here's a map of the "lower Goatneck" area.  Photographer was located past the creek and at the top of the 1st incline.

"Lower Goatneck"goatneck location

41 mile route:  "Lower Goatneck" at mile 23.  (ETA: 15mph avg= 1hr:30min.   17mph avg= 1hr:20min.   20mph avg= 1hr:09min.)

70 mile route: "Lower Goatneck" at mile 51.  (ETA: 12mph avg= 4hr:15min.  15mph avg= 3hr:25min.  17mph avg= 3hr:05min.  20mph avg= 2hr:30min.)

Don't forget to add time for any rest stops taken.

The pictures have the TimeStamp as part of the filename (ex:  GN6a_1032_028 means the 28th frame in the 10:32 time group)


Congratulations to all the riders who conquered the "goat"!