| 2017 Muenster

germanfest 37germanfest 37

Great turnout for this year's Metric Century at Muenster despite the brutal wind and threat of storms.

Thank you to all the people that support this ride and help run this great event!

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Here's the mileage and location information if you're using your average speed to help find your photos.

1st location at mile #6 on Hwy 373.

     ETA:  30mins@12mph,  24mins@15mph,  21mins@17mph,  18mins@20mph.

2nd location was about 2 miles North past Forestburg (approx mile# 24).

     ETA:  2Hrs@12mph,  1h:36m@15mph,  1h:25m@17mph,  1h:12m@20mph.


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