| 2016 Peach Pedal

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Thank you for coming out and supporting The Peach Pedal!

The photos are ready for viewing.

Lots of great action in the turn at Dennis, mile #11.

And great countryside photos at the location 3.5 miles past the Brock Rest Stop.

Finish line photos capture you crossing the line with the race clock in the background.


The photos are sized down to 1600 x 2400 (about 2.5 MB).

That's big enough to print a 5x7 picture.  If you would like the FULL Size image just let me know and I'll send it to you at no extra charge.

Also, the filename includes the TimeStamp of when the photo was taken.

Ex:  p6c_1037_064.jpg means yours is the 64th photo taken in the 10:37am group.


How to find your picture:

I have grouped the photos into Location (with mileage) and Time galleries.

Figure out your average speed and add time for rest stops.   15 mph avg = 10 miles in 40 minutes.  20 mph avg = 10 miles in 30 minutes.

Bib and helmet numbers:

Any number that you had that was readable from the front can be used to quickly find your picture using the Search Field.

Enter the Peach Pedal Gallery first, then use the Search Field.

This includes such numbers as  6, 22, 31 and 326 that I found on some jerseys.


Photographer Locations:

First location:   Dennis, Tx at Mile #11 at the Sharp right, left, right turn.

Second location on Old Brock Rd,  3.5 miles past the Brock rest stop.  (mile#20 of 28/  mile #31 of 39/ mile #53 of 61).

Third location:  At the Finish line.  Bibs and helmets numbers are not "tagged" at the finish.



Send me an email message if you have any questions.  I'll be glad to help.


Thank you!