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Welcome and Thank you for riding Bosque Tour de Norway in Clifton, Tx.

We hope you had a great ride!

Texas isn't "flat"!!   I hope I got some nice scenic photos for you during the ride.


The link for the photo galleries is below.  

AFTER you've entered the gallery, you can input your helmet number into the SEARCH field located near the upper left hand corner.

Or if you wore your bib number on the front and I was able to read it you can use that, too.


DISCOUNT:      If you purchase three or more downloads you qualify for a discount code.

Buy THREE, the code is 3.   Buy four, the code is 4, etc.     If you're buying TEN or more downloads, the code is: 10


ASSISTANCE:      If you need assistance with your downloaded image, just send me an email message and I'll be glad to help.


LOCATION:    I was located about Mile#28 on the route heading up into Meridian. If you didn't use a helmet number, you can use your average speed to help determine which time group you're in.