| 2015 Paluxy Pedal



Lots of great climbing action at The Wall this year!   Thank you to all who came to support The Paluxy Pedal!

We had two cameras covering different angles this year.  And we made sure they were SYNCED!

So, if you find yourself at  10:45 with one camera, another camera will have you in the same 10:45 range.


Please remember that your digital pictures are EMAILED to you or stored on the PedalPix website.

If you order FIVE or more digital photos, they'll be place in your own personal Private Gallery for six months with unlimited access and downloads.           CLICK HERE:  HOW TO FIND YOUR PHOTOS.


If you need PRINTED photos, just send us an email and we can easily walk you through the process.   It's very easy to do.


Photographer Locations:  

ALL ROUTES: Mile #5 , ( E.T.A. 20 minutes @15mph)   The lead group came through around 08:45!

53 and 60 MILE ROUTES: The Wall is located about mile 36 and mile 44 on the respective routes.

ETA for 53 mile route @ 15 mph (nonstop):  11:00

ETA for 60 mile route @ 15 mph (nonstop): 11:30    The lead group showed up around 10:30!!

The Hour and Minute are part of the image file name so you will know what time the picture was taken.

Use the "E.T.A." as a guide to figure the Time Group you're in.

 Please see  HOW TO FIND YOUR PHOTOS for more details.

We had a great time!  We hope you did, too.     -  The Pedal Pix crew!

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