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I hope I was able to get some great shots of you in action!

PedalPix offers your images via DIGITAL DOWNLOAD or PRINTED PHOTO.


How To Find Your Photos  (there are two methods)

First method:  By Rider number, Helmet number or number on the jersey.

If you wore a number that was readable from the front (on the handlebars, jersey or helmet) I tagged the picture with that number.

FIRST, click on the link to the gallery.

Then, input into the SEARCH FIELD located at the upper right of the page.

Also, if there's a number that's part of the jersey design then I used that to tag the picture.

Second method:   By avg speed and mileage.

Each gallery is categorized by Photographer's Location, mileage and Time Groups.

If you average 15 mph, you cover 10 miles in 40 minutes.   17 mpg = 35 minutes.   20 mph = 30 minutes.

Use your average speed to determine your approximate arrival time at the photographer's location.

Don't forget to add time spent at Rest Stops.



If you buy THREE or more digital downloads, you qualify for a discount.

Discount Code:  Order three, the code is 3.  Order four, the code is 4, etc.  Ten or more photos, the code is 10.

Sorry, there are no quantity discounts for PRINTED PHOTOS.



I want to be sure you're happy with your printed photos.  Please let me know if the final product needs attention!   Thanks!


FULL SIZE Digital Images are available

After your purchase, full size images (straight out of the camera) are available upon request via email.  No extra charge.


EMAIL me if you have further questions.


Thanks!  - Felix